I went to Isla Mujeres, Mexico last week for summer vacation. It is located at the most eastern point of Mexico, right at the end of the Yucatán Peninsula. To get there I flew to Cancún from Dallas, Texas and took a 30 minute ferry ride to the island. Right when my family and I arrived we took a small, red cab (who knew red cabs existed!!) straight to the house we rented for the week. Then we dropped off our luggage and quickly headed for the beach because we could not wait to get in the water.

The most popular beach on the island and the second most popular beach in all of Mexico is the North Beach or otherwise known as Playa Norte. It has beautiful white sand covering the entirety of the beach along with multiple restaurant bars, palm trees and of course people! The water is extremely clear and I could easily stand a few feet into the ocean without the water coming up above my shoulders (I’m 5’4″ for reference). I mainly enjoyed relaxing on the beach chairs under an umbrella and swimming in the ocean with my sister.

Other than visiting the North Beach, we also loved walking down Hidalgo Street in downtown Isla. The street is bustling with people and there is a numerous amount of quality restaurants to choose to eat at. There are also small Mexican shops that you would see at a flea market selling bags, hats, shirts, etc. The atmosphere is so lively and colorful downtown. I really liked  hearing all the musicians and of course riding around in a golf cart, which is the main means of transportation on the island, along with scooters. (I actually saw a family with their baby and dog all on one scooter!)

Overall, my experience visiting Isla Mujeres was beyond amazing and by far my favorite parts were swimming with the whale sharks and scuba diving around the underwater museum. The whale sharks were gentle giants quietly floating through the ocean with such ease. They live such simple lives, searching for plankton on the surface amongst the swells of the sea. It was a very humbling experience to even share the ocean with them. It’s amazing how such creatures can make you feel so small and insignificant on this enormous planet with oceans that stretch far beyond what we perceive. They opened my eyes to all the beauty the earth has to offer and what we often take for granted.


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whale shark

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